About us

14976761_1475488545814527_2812300908939147147_oWe are a non-profit corporation formed by a group of friends united by the desire to bring relief through our possibilities the pain and poverty of children in our homelands.
Our objectives are aimed at raising funds for charities that work to improve health conditions and education of needy children in Latin America.

Because most of our volunteers are from Cartagena, we have focused much of our efforts to aid the Napoleon Franco Pareja Children’s Hospital, also known as the “Children’s House”. Its history dates back to 1940 and today remains one of the few children’s hospitals where nearly 8 million poor people from the Caribbean coast of Colombia can go to.

Our sponsors and guests are becoming more numerous and diverse. Originally most were born in Cartagena, now many are from all over Colombia, and nationalities of south and north America. This is why your contribution will have more impact.
Below you will find the list of our board and volunteers.

http://shellystearooms.com/ President

Adriana Ibarra

Communications Vicepresident

Sabina Covo – Deputy: Maria Antonia Henao

Logistic Vicepresident

Victoria Ferrando- Deputy: Sandra Angulo


Suzanne Lemaitre – Deputy: Cindy Gonzalez


Rosemery Olier & Paola Visbal

Chairman Advisory Board

 Ariel Roman

Honorary Chairs

Dr cialis price. Carlos Riveros & Jessica Juliao


Aida Teresa Baladi
Aida Char
Amelia Castillo
Ana Teresa Castillo
Ana Maria Frieri
Ana Maria Piñeres
Ana Maria Yacaman
Andrea Noceti
Angela Mogollon-Beard
Angela Paniza
Angela Ghimentti
Antonia Schlesinger
Beatriz Maldonado Roman
Beatriz Martinez P.
Betty Gayon
Blanca Salazar
Catalina Zurek
Carolina Gomez Gerdts
Christine Stech
Cristina Cavelier-Gomez
Cristina Franco
Daniela Piñeros

Daniella Cuesta
Diana Benedetti
Daniela Visbal
Diana Stambulie
Edith Acosta
Fabiola Martinez
Gioconda Velez Brooks
Hilda Juan
Hortencia Berrocal
Hortensia Pereira
Ileana Ortiz
Irma Martinez
Jairo Martinez
Jessica Linero
Julia Rodríguez
Kelly Castellar
Letty Ferrer-Goodier
Leila Chaljub
Lida Juliao
Lilliana McCausland
Linda Harris
Lizette Chalela

Lorena Drago
Lourdes Morales
Luisa Cardenas
Machy Carbonell
Marcella Gomez
Maria Antonia Henao
Maria Claudia Sierra
Maria Lucia Del Castillo
Maria Ines Compres
Martha Cecilia Ordoñez
Martha Chalhub
Maria Olga Vides
Martha Sanclemente
Martha Luz Moreno
Maria Victoria Garcia
Margarita Borda
Margarita Emiliani
Marzzia Escobar
Milena Castillo
Monica Payares
Monica Ramirez
Myrna Curras

Nidia Ferreira
Pamela Garcia Olier
Patricia Perez
Patricia Rodriquez
Patricia Roman
Raquel Nuñez
Rocio Insignares
Rosario Duque
Rosario Juan
Rosaura Rodriguez
Rossana Trucco
Sara Gonzalez Hugues
Sofia Schott
Soledad Arango
Stella Romero
Taty Guerrero
Teresa Rodriguez
Tulena Quijano
Thelma Garcia
Veronica Del Castillo
Vicky Di Colloredo-Mels
Yolita Malo
Yolita Ripoll